Google Authorship Integration With has recently added a new website enhancement that adds significant value to its insurance agent contributors. This recent enhancement makes it very easy for all contributors to benefit from Google’s recent focus on authorship as it relates to web content. The guide below walks agents through Google authorship and integration in a step by step manner.

While this post seems a bit long, it’s because every detail has been included to make sure integration is as easy as possible for contributors. The estimated time it will take a contributor to set up authorship with is less than 5 minutes  – and I am very confident that this will be the most effective use of 5 minutes you will spend on your Internet marketing efforts this year.

What Is Authorship?

Google Authorship is a solution that has been introduced by Google to connect a piece of web content with the Google Plus profile of the content’s author. Traditionally, the quality of inbound links has been one of the primary indicators of website quality used by Google to rank search engine results.  While relevant inbound links remain to be a large quality signal to Google, they now appear to considering the “quality of an author” as an additional signal of relevancy with search results.

The Benefits Of Authorship

Many industry professionals are pointing to Google authorship as being the next big thing in search engine optimization, and many of the benefits are already obvious. The most visible benefit is that the content author can have their Google Plus profile photo displayed next to their search results in Google.  This is not only good for personal branding, but it’s huge for helping you stand out from the competition on search engine results pages and drive more clicks through to your authored content.

In addition to these click through benefits, Google is now also considering a new factor called ‘Author Rank’ when ranking search engine results – so the more relevant content you produce with authorship code enabled, the better your ‘Author Rank‘ can become.

Authorship Setup On

There are 2 different ways insurance agent contributors can benefit from Google authorship on

Benefit #1 – The first agent to answer a question is tagged as the “author” of that particular page. As long as this agent has integrated their Google Plus profile with – they will receive authorship benefits for that page.

Below is an example of a search engine result in which the first contributor to answer has integrated their Google Plus profile with Notice how the contributor’s Google Plus profile image is now displayed alongside the search result. If you were a consumer running this search on Google, which result would you click on?

Insurance Agent Profile Displayed In Search Results

Benefit #2 – The second method in which authorship has been integrated is with a contributor’s insurance agent profile. Any contributor that has integrated Google Plus will also automatically have the authorship code applied to their contributor profile.

The image below highlights an example of how a contributor’s profile is displayed in Google search results. This will allow your Google Plus profile photo to be displayed alongside your profile result when people are searching for you by name on Google.


Setting Up Authorship

Integrating Google Plus authorship to is extremely easy. There are 2 parts to the process. Below you will find a step-by-step guide that explains in detail how to set this up.

Part 1: Add A New Link In Your Google Plus Profile

The first step in this process is adding a link to on your Google Plus profile. The steps below assume that you already have a Google Plus profile. If you don’t have a profile set up yet, make sure to go get one. It only takes a couple minutes to set it up, and if you are serious at all about how well your business appears in Google search results – it’s critical that you have one.

Once your profile has been set up, visit and log into Google if you aren’t already. You will then see a page similar to the one below.  At this point, you want to click the ‘profile’ icon/link over on the left side of the screen.


Now you will be viewing your Google Plus profile page. At this point, click the ‘about’ link located right below your profile header image and to the right.


Once on your Google+ profile page, scroll down to the bottom of the page and view the section titled ‘Links’. Then click the link titled ‘Edit’.


After clicking the ‘Edit’ link, a popup will load that allows you to add a link or edit existing links.  Next, click the ‘Add custom link’ link under the ‘Contributor to’ heading.  It is very important that you are adding a link under the ‘Contributor to’ header.


You have the opportunity to set custom text for the ‘label’ of this link.  This is a great opportunity to include a keyword that is relevant to you and your business.  In the field labeled ‘URL’ enter:  Once you have added your label and added the URL, click the ‘Save’ button.


Once you have saved this link, it should be displayed like the example below. In this example I used the label of  ‘’.


At this point you have successfully completed the first step of Google authorship integration.  While you are on this page, quickly copy the website URL that is displayed in your browser – you will need this URL for step 2 of the process.


Part 2: Add Your Google Plus Profile URL To Your Profile

Now that you have completed part 1, it’s time to add your Google Plus profile URL to your profile.  To do this, simply login to and click the ‘Edit Your Profile Information’ link in the top of the sidebar.


Once on the profile management page, scroll down to the ‘Web Properties’ section and find the field labeled ‘Google+ URL’.  Next, paste your Google Plus profile URL in this field.


Once you have entered your Google+ URL, scroll down the bottom of the page and click the ‘Update’ button.


That’s it!  You’re done!  If you would like to run a quick test to make sure everything has been set up properly – use the Google Rich Snippets Testing tool.  To do that, simply visit this page: and enter the URL of your contributor profile.  Then click the ‘Preview” button.  If everything has been set up properly, you should see a preview similar to the example below.


If you run into any issues with setting up authorship on your profile, head over to this page and send us a quick email – we will be happy to help you set it up.

Special thanks to Bob Vineyard at Georgia Medicare Supplement Insurance for allowing us to feature his search results.

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  • James Reply

    Justin thanks for the post. I had forgotten to update my G+ profile for this.

    Don’t we also need to verify using an email for the same domain as we are trying to establish authorship on?

  • Justin
    Justin Reply

    Hi James. No, an email on the domain is not necessary. Google has multiple methods for authorship verification – and email address is one of them, but we are using this method instead:

    Let me know if you have any other questions!

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    Thank you for the easy to follow blog, Justin! This made setting up Google Authorship a snap.

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    I’ve only been on G+ for a few months and haven’t utilized it as much as I should. This was a big help. I never payed attention to the “contributor to” part of G+ before today. Thanks guys.

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    Hi Dan, glad this was able to help you! Don’t hesitate to let me know if you ever have any questions with your Google authorship setup.

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    Justin, I can’t enter my G+ url. I have a custom url (my name) instead of a number, and every time I try and enter it, I get an error message. I don’t know what my number url is anymore. Can you fix this? Thanks.

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