Exciting Enhancements For Both Agents & Consumer Visitors!

As Insurance Library approaches the end of its second full year as the world’s most trusted online resource for consumer insurance questions and answers, we are excited to roll out a a couple new enhancements to help ensure the site continues to rank well in search engines and provide you the long-term visibility for your answers that you deserve.

In order to ensure the highest level of quality information for consumers, starting today we will be making the following enhancements:

Less Focus On New Questions, More Focus On Existing Answers

You may have noticed that we often times see questions posted by consumers that are very similar to other questions that have already been asked.  In the past, we have allowed consumers to ask their question anyway.

Going forward, we are focusing on directing these consumers towards existing answers of highly similar questions first (if they can’t find their answer, they can still ask a new question). We are doing this to reduce the amount of redundancy within the library, and increase the number of consumers that see the existing answers you have spent time writing.

Because of this, you will see a decrease in the overall number of questions being asked – but there will be an increase in the overall number of consumers that read your answers.

More Focus On Detailed Answers (And More Points For Agents!)

Since Insurance Library’s inception, agents have been awarded either 10 or 15 points for their answers – regardless of how detailed they were as long as they exceeded 50 words.  Regardless of whether you wrote 50 words or 500 words, you were awarded the same number of points.

Going forward, agent points will be awarded based on the length and detail of answers. Here is an example of how the points system will be changing.

The Old Way: Regardless of length, all answers over 50 words in length were worth 10 points.

The New Way: Agents still receive 10 points per 50 words, but you can earn up to 100 points per answer now!  Here are some examples to illustrate the new points system:

We are very excited about these changes, and we hope you are too.  If you have any questions let me know in the comments!

The 2014 Email Marketing Playbook For Insurance Agents

On May 8, 2014, we hosted a webinar presentation in conjunction with expert panelist and founder of Xopaa, Stewart Logan. The topic of this presentation was email marketing for insurance agents in 2014. You can find the recorded video immediately below. Underneath the video you will find the individual slides that were covered. If you have any questions at all about the content, please leave a comment below!

The Video Recording Of The Webinar

How To Cherry-Pick Consumer Questions For Maximum Value On Insurance Library

2014 Online Marketing Playbook For Insurance Agents

On March 6, 2014, I presented a webinar in conjunction with Insurance Forums on the topic of digital marketing trends for insurance agents.  You can find the recorded video immediately below. Underneath the video you will find the individual slides that were covered.  If you have any questions at all about the content, please leave a comment below!

The Video Recording Of The Webinar

The Slides From The Webinar

Happy 10K Day! InsuranceLibrary.com Hits 10,000 Agent Answers In 4 Months!

FOR RELEASE: August 21, 2013

Insurance Library Home Page

InsuranceLibrary.com, a consumer insurance portal that features expert answers to consumer insurance questions, has reached another significant milestone in its rise in becoming one of the web’s premier insurance websites.

InsuranceLibrary.com contributors, which range from local independent agents to individuals from national agencies, have provided over 10,000 answers to questions since the site launched in April 2013. Consumers may search the vast insurance knowledge base or post their own insurance question and receive expert answers at no cost.

One of the key features of the site is its ability to maintain a high level of answer quality – largely due to a policy that only validated, licensed insurance agents are able to answer questions. The insurance agent contributors are also vetted for quality, and the site leverages technology that allows the community to flag any answers that appear incorrect or inappropriate for further review.

This not only ensures that consumers are receiving helpful, expert advice – but it also allows the insurance agent community the ability to connect with consumers in the digital age without having to compete with high-spend advertisers or spammers.

The site lets insurance agents connect with consumers in the digital age without having to compete with high-spend advertisers and spammers.

Since launch, InsuranceLibrary.com has continued to iterate and release new, consumer friendly features every few weeks. Last week, the site launched new state-specific sections that allow consumers to ask questions to local insurance agents or contact them privately for quotes. Many insurance agents have been eagerly awaiting this feature as it allows them to stake their claim in their states as early adopters and really expand their online footprint.

The company, which raised an undisclosed amount of funds in a seed round in January of 2013, has an aggressive development roadmap over the next few quarters. One major planned enhancement provides new features that allow consumers to easily research local agents and local insurance companies in an engaging, non-threatening manner.



InsuranceLibrary.com is a tech startup that connects consumers with free, expert advice. Visit InsuranceLibrary.com, @insurlib on Twitter or InsuranceLibrary.com on Google+ to learn more.

New InsuranceLibrary.com Features Let Insurance Agents Become Local Experts Online

Local Updates For Insurance AgentsOver the past few months, we have been busy updating the infrastructure of InsuranceLibrary.com and building out new website features that add a whole new level of interactivity to InsuranceLibrary.com.  Based on overwhelming feedback from both insurance agents and consumers, we have just launched a new set of features to the site that provide a “state-specific” component to the website.

Upon initial launch, InsuranceLibrary.com has facilitated Q&A between both consumers and insurance agents for well over 9,000 different insurance questions.  Until now, all of these questions have been relatively broadly based without the ability to tag a question with a specific geography.  Going forward, all consumers that ask questions on InsuranceLibrary.com are encouraged to tag their questions with a specific state.

In addition to this, many new features have been developed to elevate the visibility of these local questions and also make it much easier for insurance agents to identify these locally relevant questions and answer them accordingly.

A Review Of The Updates

1.  State-specific pages have been added to the site that serve as a hub for all questions related to a particular city or state, and to a particular type of insurance within a city or state.

2.  State-specific leader boards have been included on every state page that feature the top contributors for each state, and for each type of insurance within each state.

3.  New & improved daily email notification emails that include a section for “local questions” – which are questions related specifically to the states you have selected on your ‘manage email preferences’ page.

4.  The ability to quickly and easily scan unanswered & answered state-specific questions on the ‘browse questions’ page.

Benefits To Insurance Agents

As an insurance agent contributor on InsuranceLibrary.com, these changes provide a huge opportunity for you in terms of your Internet marketing strategies and your overall online visibility.  Agents have an unprecedented opportunity to position themselves online as a subject matter expert in their own backyard by:

1.  Providing state-specific leader boards for every state and every insurance type.  This puts you and your own personal website front and center on highly visible, local pages and increases the number of local leads you receive from the site.

2.  Increased local relevancy signals sent to search engines like Google.  This helps the search engines better associate you directly with the markets you serve – which ultimately gives you higher search engine visibility for local searches.

3.  With InsuranceLibrary.com still being in its infancy, and with the current base still being considered early adopters, this is the ultimate time for agents to capitalize on the opportunity and carve out their very own corner on a record breaking website – in addition to dominating Google, Yahoo and Bing search results for local insurance queries.

A Video Tour Of The New Site Features

How Insurance Agents Can Laser Target The Perfect Questions To Answer

How Your Email Notification Preferences Can Set You Up For Success

We are very excited about these new website features, and we can’t wait to see our insurance agent contributors gain even more visibility with the addition of these local questions.  Use the comments below to ask any questions you have about these new updates and how they can help increase your overall online visibility.